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Below are the candidates who received the Asian Pacific Democratic Club endorsement and our position on ballot measures for the June 2012 election.

President: Barack Obama
US Senate: Dianne Feinstein
US Representative 12th D: Nancy Pelosi
US Representative 14th D: Jackie Speier
State Senator D11: Mark Leno
State Assembly D17: Tom Ammiano
State Assembly D19: Phil Ting

Democratic County Central Committee


Assembly District 17

Zoe Dunning

Bevan Dufty

Scott Wiener

Joaquin Torres

Leslie Katz

Maria Marily Mondejar

Justin Morgan

Hydra Mendoza

David Campos

Malia Cohen

David Chiu

Christopher Vasquez

Assembly District 19

Kat Anderson

Jason Wong

Meagan Levitan

Suki Kott

Arlo Hale Smith

Mary Jung

Karl Hasz

Tom Hsieh

Trevor McNeil

Bill Fazio

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Ballot Measures

State Proposition 28 – Yes

State Proposition 29 – Yes

SF Proposition A – No

SF Proposition B – No

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