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The Asian Pacific Democratic Club voted to ratify our slate of endorsed candidates and recommendations on ballot measures for the June 2014 election.

Endorsements for June 3, 2014 election:

California State Offices

San Francisco

State and Local Propositions

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Yes on Proposition A - Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response G.O. Bond

Yes on Prop A

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Vote Yes on Proposition A

Repairs Critical Disaster Response Infrastructure

Without raising taxes, Prop A will improve San Francisco’s firefighting and police infrastructure so that emergency responders can act quickly to save lives after a major earthquake or disaster, such as the recent fire in Mission Bay. Prop A will ensure the functionality of our city’s emergency service facilities, including our Emergency Firefighting Water System, neighborhood police and fire stations, and the medical examiner’s facility. Voting YES will allow the city to sell up to $400 million in general obligation bonds to finance these projects.

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No on Proposition B - Waterfront Height Limit Initiative

No on Prop B

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Vote NO on Proposition B

Don’t Be Fooled – Prop. B Will Make San Francisco Less Affordable for Working and Middle Class Families.

Proposition B sounds good at first – but those who read it closely understand it is full of dangerous loopholes. Prop. B will allow clever developers to escape important environmental regulations. It means developers can build projects without the most important contributions to transit, parks or affordable housing. And it will cost the city millions in revenue. Please join the San Francisco Democratic Party, the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Police and Firefighters, the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, the Asian Pacific Democratic Club and many other groups and leaders in voting NO on B.

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Yes on Proposition 41 - Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act of 2014

Yes on Prop 41

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Vote Yes on Proposition 41

Housing and Services for Veterans – Vote Yes for Vets

Prop 41 provides much-needed affordable housing and services for veterans. It authorizes $600 million in general obligation bonds for affordable multifamily housing to relieve homelessness and build transitional and rental housing, along with related facilities for veterans and their families. Support our veterans – they supported us!

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Yes on Proposition 42 - Public Records, Open Meetings, Legislative Constitutional Amendment

Yes on Prop 42

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Vote Yes on Proposition 42

Access to Public Meetings and Information Is a Right, Not a Luxury

Prop 42 protects transparency laws that guard against corruption and mismanagement in local government. It enshrines the California Public Records Act and the Brown Act in the California State Constitution, thus guaranteeing open government and transparency are core local responsibilities.

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Early Endorsed Candidates for November 2014 election:

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates and campaigns!