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The Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club is proud to announce our endorsements for June 5, 2018 election!

National Candidate Endorsements

State Candidate Endorsements

Local Candidate Endorsements

State Ballot Measures

  • Prop. 68, Authorizes Bonds Funding Parks, Natural Resources Protection, Climate Adaptation, Water Quality and Supply, and Flood Protection – Yes
  • Prop. 69, Requires That Certain New Transportation Revenues Be Used for Transportation Purposes. Legislative Constitutional Amendment – Yes
  • Prop 70, Requires Legislative Supermajority Vote Approving Use of Cap-And-Trade Reserve Fund. Legislative Constitutional Amendment – No
  • Prop 71, Sets Effective Date for Ballot Measures. Legislative Constitutional Amendment  – Yes
  • Prop 72, Permits Legislature to Exclude Newly Constructed Rain-Capture Systems From Property-Tax Reassessment Requirement. Legislative Constitutional Amendment – Yes

Local and Regional Ballot Measures

  • Prop. A, Public Utilities Revenue Bonds – Yes
  • Prop. B, Prohibiting Appointed Commissioners from Running for Office – Yes
  • Prop. C, Additional Tax on Commercial Rents Mostly to Fund Child Care and Education – No
  • Prop. D, Additional Tax on Commercial Rents Mostly to Fund Housing and Homelessness Services – Yes
  • Prop. E, Prohibiting Tobacco Retailers from Selling Flavored Tobacco Products – Yes
  • Prop. F, City-Funded Legal Representation for Residential Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits – No Endorsement
  • Prop. G, Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District – Yes
  • Prop. H, Policy for the Use of Tasers by San Francisco Police Officers – No
  • Prop. I, Relocation of Professional Sports Teams – No
  • Regional Measure 3, A Bold, Coordinated, Region-Wide Traffic Relief Plan – Yes

We’re also proud to make the following early endorsements for November 6, 2018 Election: