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The Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club (ELDC) membership approved the ELDC Board recommendations for the March 3, 2020 election. Please join us in supporting the following campaigns and candidates.

Local Measures

  • No position on Prop A: City College Job Training, Repair and Earthquake Safety Measure
  • Yes on Prop B: San Francisco Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond, 2020
  • Yes on Prop C: Retiree Health Care Benefits for Former Employees of the San Francisco Housing Authority
  • No on Prop D: Vacancy Tax
  • No on Prop E: Limits on Office Development


  • US Representative, District 12: Nancy Pelosi
  • US Representative, District 14: Jackie Speier
  • CA State Senate, District 11: Scott Wiener
  • CA State Assembly, District 17: David Chiu
  • CA State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting
  • SF Superior Court Judge, Seat 1: Pang Ly
  • SF Superior Court Judge, Seat 18: Dorothy Chou Proudfoot
  • SF Superior Court Judge, Seat 21: Rani Singh

Democratic County Central Committee, AD-19

Vote for all 10 candidates

  • Kat Anderson 凱瑟琳·安德生
  • Nadia Rahman    駱雯
  • Cyn Wang 王思惠
  • Suzy Loftus 樂素詩
  • Jane Natoli 蔣炩
  • Ahsha Safai 安世輝
  • Seeyew Mo 巫世友
  • Paul Miyamoto 譚保羅
  • Mary Jung 蔣美琴
  • Mawuli Tugbenyoh 李本樂

Democratic County Central Committee, AD-17

Vote for all 13 candidates 

  • Kristen Asato-Webb 司徒鈺
  • Nima Rahimi 羅烯文
  • Mike Chen 陳懋華
  • Austin Hunter 衡思端
  • Tyra Fennell 范莉婷
  • Victor Olivieri 澳輝德
  • Mick Del Rosario 麥德豪
  • Carole Migden 凱洛· 米格登
  • Bivett Brackett 佩碧華
  • Tami Bryant 塔米 • 布萊恩特
  • Vallie Brown 浦慧理
  • Steven Buss 柏仕文
  • Nancy Tung 湯曉慧